Hive Riot Honey Co.

Philo B. displaying some of our bees' favorite flowers!

Hard at work!

Hive Riot Honey Company produces 100% raw, natural Texas honey from our family farm located in Keller, Texas. Our bees forage among the clovers, wildflowers, and gardens in Keller and the surrounding communities, pollinating vegetables and trees for our neighbors as they go!

Suburban beekeeping is an essential part of sustainable agriculture. Honey demand has increased dramatically in the US since 1990, while domestic production has decreased. Monoculture in industrial farming has also weakened domestic honeybee populations. The variety of forage available in a suburban environment produces resilient bee colonies. The US Dept of Agriculture has declared: "now is the critical time for efforts to support honeybee populations."

Locally sourced, natural honey also has been reported to reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies for us humans!

For general inquiries please contact We have raw, local honey available for sale for $15 per lb. We also sell raw honey in the comb and pure beeswax candles. Please email for the latest availability and pickup information!

For additional information on sustainable suburban beekeeping, please visit:

Those beautiful Texas sunsets!